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Mental Health Services


Josie Foo Chong
Talofa Lava and Pacific Greetings
My name is Josie Foo Chong and I am working as a Fanau Case Worker for Engaging Priorities Families (EPF) into Early Childhood Education (ECE).
The EPF initiative is about:


  • Working alongside families with 3 and 4 year old children who are not going to early childhood education (ECE) services
  • Making sure these children will get the best opportunities they can to become strong and successful learners
  • Helping children and families to become regular members of an ECE service that suits them
  • Working alongside children and families as they move on to school.



Partnership and community Workers

Talofa lava, malo le soifua, my name is Toleafoa Maluovailoa Tulia, I was born and raised in Samoa, currently working at Pacific Trust Canterbury, Primary Health Team as SIA Partnership Health Community Worker and Outreach Immunisation Coordinator.
My roles,

  • To assist people in the community to gain access to primary health care.
  • To identify the barriers preventing people from accessing primary healthcare, then walk alongside each person/whanau to find sustainable ways to transcend those barriers.
  • To support people and their whanau to address their broader health and wellbeing needs
  • To assist people to make connections to a range of resources and services.

Faafetai lava.


Pacific Nutrition

My name is Kathy Culshaw. I am of Rotuman decent. I was born and educated in Fiji. My family and I   moved to New Zealand in 1987 where I completed 6th form and attended Teachers College.
MY role is to support the wellbeing of Pacific youth and children by working to reduce the incidence of health disorders by improved nutrition. As well as working to reducing obesity by promoting regular physical exercise, good food choices and improving food knowledge.
My role also includes working with the community, and linking with other community organisations within health promotion.




Mothers and Pepe


  Loretta Rhodes

 Mothers and Pepe Coordinator - born in Samoa.

The service focuses on first time Pacific  Island Mothers primary  health care links and education support during pregnancy as well as parenting support up until the baby is 24mths old







WellChild / Ola o Aiga

My name is Vaiala Tapelu, born and educated in Samoa.  I moved from Samoa to Christchurch in 1995 and started working at PTC in 2001.  Currently I’m working as CSW for Well Child/Tamariki Ora Service and Whanau Ora (Ola o Aiga).  Before the end of the last financial year, my main role was CSW for Well Child/Tamariki Ora, from 2004 – June 2011.   My role involves providing social support and health education to families with children from 0 – 14yrs.  It’s a great privilege to work at PTC as it gives me the chance to work with Pacific people for Pacific people.  My goal is to serve my pacific community by providing up to date and correct information on health and social issues so that they become better informed to make the best choices for their families.  Kia Kaha Christchurch ma ia manuia.

Child & Family Service, Well Child Nurse

Rozy Ahuja,working together with families (Especially Pacific families) to provide the best support, health promotion and prevention for all New Zealand Children under 5.  Health Education and Health Promotion - providing parents/caregivers with the knowledge and skills in order for them to respond to their Childs needs at the different stages of his/her development.
Health Protection and Clinical Assessment - providing reassurance that a child is developing normally, through growth and development assessments; and advising about, or providing, immunisation.
Whanau Care and Support - supporting and helping parents/caregivers to identify their needs as a parent/caregiver, and linking parents /caregivers with community and other services.






Registered Nurses

Sjaak Van Den Boom, Practice Nurse of the Pacific Health Clinic and Outreach Vaccinator. Originally from The Netherlands. Area of interest is improvement of vaccination rates for children as well as adults and the elderly.



Name: Liliola Toma (nee Puleiku) – Tongan
Position: Full-time Practice Nurse at the clinic
Education/Professional Background: Bachelor of Nursing from Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. Has worked as a District Nurse at Nurse Maude Association. Has a passion for diabetes and chronic diseases management. Currently studying to be a Diabetes Nurse Specialist.






Mental Health Team

Rebecca Curry mental health clinician within the mental health team at Pacific Trust.
Outline responsibilities:

  • Child Adolescent and adult mental health services.
  • To provide education to service user, families and other users.
  • Provide appropriate intake of all service users.
  • To develop networks.
  • Develop and deliver appropriate interventions
  • Support and oversee the team of Community support workers
  • To work collaboratively with members of Pacific Trust.
  • Commitment to the prevention of child abuse and the care and protection of children and young people.


Maureen Moala

  • Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
  • National Certificate Mental Health
  • Certificate in Mental Health
  • Certificate in older peoples care
  • Certificate in Dementia

Initially worked as a caregiver in Invercargill in 2001 where I came into contact with aged people experiencing a range of mental illnesses such as dementia and depression. Moved to Christchurch in 2003 and worked for Nurse Maude where again I served aged people in Nurse Maude’s Dementia Ward and did in-house training in the care of people experiencing mental illness, especially dementia.
At Nurse Maude I decided to do further training in the field of mental health and enrolled at CPIT for the Certificate in Mental Health, which I completed successfully. Joined Stepping Stone Trust and worked in the field of mental health before joining Pacific Trust Canterbury’s mental health team.



Nofoaiga Tausa-Nat Cert MH, BA Mngt & Marine Affairs.
Mental Health CSW

Work mainly with Pacific children and youth (up to 19yrs) with moderate to severe psychiatric disorders and severe emotional or behavioural problems, i.e:
* Serious mental health disorders
* Suspected psychiatric disorders
* Psychological disorders including severe emotional and behavioural disturbance
The Child and Youth Alcohol and drug service provides a community based assessment and treatment service for adolescents (15 - 19yrs) with drug and alcohol problems/dependence






Carolina Lolohea

Malo e lelei

Have been working at Pacific Trust for almost 2 years.  I really enjoy
being in such a unique yet gifted team.  Working closely with families is really rewarding in the sense it allows you to focus on what really is important in the pacific communities, mainly because we are pacific as well. 





Earthquake Support Coordinators



Earthquake support Coordinators are available to help
Households directly affected by the earthquake – those
that have relocated while homes are rebuilt and
those that think they may have to relocate.

We can meet with you anywhere you choose – your home,
Workplace or a cafe.


Richard Stanley



Malo e lelei – I am happy to be part of a great team here at Pacific Trust Canterbury.     As one of the Earthquake Support Coordinators, we offer a one to one service to families that have been directly affected by the Earthquakes but especially to our Pacific families. We try to help and support them around any of their concerns and issues related to Earthquakes. We offer support to the families to try empower and encourage them to get back on their feet and to give them some hope.

Malo aupito
Ofa Atu


Lana Afu

Talofa lava,my name is Fionna Siose-Chapman and I am part of the Earthquake Support Coordination Team working within Pacific Trust Canterbury.  I am a New Zealand born Samoan and have worked in the Medical Laboratory (Microbiology) industry for the past 12 years before joining the team at Pacific Trust.  My passion lies in promoting Pacific Health, and the social well-being of our Pasefika families. 
During these difficult times, it can all seem overwhelming   having to deal with earthquake issues.  We are here to help and our service is free.  Appointments are available after hours to cater to our families needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us!!



Alcohol & Other Drugs
I work in the Mental Health & Addictions Team, where I cover alcohol and drug assessment, treatment planning and one on one work with individuals, or families (Whanau Ora Approach).  I work to promote the strength of people and love listening to the stories our people have to impart about their journey in the use or misuse of substances.  I am part of a bigger team where we seek the best possible outcomes for our people through partnership while always respecting ones right to privacy and confidentiality. 

The Mental Health & Addictions service is open to all ages, prioritising pacific peoples but not limited to pacific.  I also support any person with social skills training as this is a major stressor within the lives of pacific peoples and can affect mental well being and increased or problematic substance use.  I also support those who may have other agencies involved in their care and can negotiate how this may work for the individual or family.

Norman Mene-Vaele



Social Work Services

Talofa Lava my name is Edna Soli. I am a New Zealand born Samoan, raised in   Christchurch. I studied at The University of Otago and I have returned home with a Bachelor of Social and Community Work (BSCW).  I have had the honour of working  for Pacific Trust Canterbury since December 2010 as an Earthquake Support Coordinator (ESC).  But with a recent restructure , I have been offered and accepted a new role as Social worker for Pacific Trust.  This role comes with new challenges, new visions and a chance for me to learn and grow with this role and hopefully be a front support liaison for the pacific community.

Ia Manuia



General Manager


Pacific Island: Tonga
Village: Folaha/Ha’asini
Church: Free Church of Tonga
I am excited and proud to lead a committed and dedicated team that is passionate about the health of the Pacific people of Canterbury. We are also one-eyed Canterbury Crusaders fans! Pacific Trust Canterbury has a bright future ahead as we endeavour to deliver an integrated service that meets the specific needs of our community. My role is to support the organisation through its transformation towards Whanau Ora and ensuring we are responsive to the needs of Pacific people. My background is in economics and policy which brings another perspective to the organisation. I am focussed on the Pacific community and ensuring we meet their needs as we rebuild the region after the earthquakes.

Tony Fakahau


Service Managers

 Service Manager for the Mental Health and Social Services.

 Mark has a background as a Social Worker, Supervisor and Child and Adolescent Clinician. Mark looks after the Mental Health, Addictions, Social Service, Smoking Cessation and Like Minds Like Mine Service.
“Pacific Trust Canterbury is a unique service that provides a huge range of services for Pacific people. As a Whanau Ora provider PTC has been given the permission to provide a holistic and integrated service that not only provides the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff service but enables us to help fences at the top”
Mark Esekielu



Executive Administrations / Assistant

Executive Administrator
Malo e lelei

Ana is a fluent Tongan speaker who has migrated south from the friendly islands of Tonga more than 17 years ago.
As the Executive Administrator, Ana is the first point of contact and provides administrative support for the organisation especially the Management team. Ana is the link that keeps the management, service delivery and support services ticking along as smoothly as possible. Ana oversees the day to day running of the office from vehicle bookings to accounts payable.
Being part of this great organisation isolates my passion for making a difference in the lives of our Pacific people. Pacific Trust Canterbury is a vibrant and exciting place to work in and I know we will do the best we can to enrich the lives of Pacific people.

Faka'apa'apa pea mo e 'ofa lahi atu.


Ana Ofa


 Ethnicity : Samoan

I was born and raised in Samoa and moved to NZ in 2005. Working at the Trust for 5 years is a great opportunity for me to meet different types of people walking in and out of the door on a day to day contract of the working environment and its challenges. Being able to offer and help our customers/patients with all the best I can give is my initiative and also as part of the team. I urge our Pacific People to make use of the services we provide and let us all work together to achieve and maintain the high standard of health in our community.
Osana Peteru-Peleti


Smoking Cessation


 Talofa lava,  Malo le soifua. My name is Christine part of the Quit Smoking team which supports and encourages smokers to quit. 

Before working for the Pacific Trust Canterbury  I worked for a variety of different organisations.  I joined Pacific Trust Canterbury to make a difference and to support and empower people, especially Pacific People, to have independence and live healthy lifestyles.  I aim to provide the best services for our clients and am proud of what we do!
Whanua Ora will make a huge difference to be able to deliver our services and assist in improving our pacific communities achievements.



Tina Curry “Pacific Health Coach”


I am a new member of the “quit smoking team”, and I understand the issues smokers face as I once smoked myself. I am committed to helping people give up smoking because of the harm it causes in our community. I strongly believe in results and this has been demonstrated in my past roles as the director of Alcohol and Drugs Awareness Campaign educating young people to the dangers of alcohol and drugs misuse and my role as youth coordinator for Youthtown providing young people with created and social experiences.

“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals” - Steven Convey